1206 Reverse-Mount Dome Lens SMD LED Series - XZxx55W-3RT Series

SunLED is excited to announce a new addition to their portfolio of dome lens SMD LEDs.

Introducing the XZxx55W-3RT, this series utilizes an industry standard 1206 footprint paired with a dome lens for a high intensity and narrow viewing angle output. This series comes in a reverse-mount package style.

This series is an ideal choice for any applications where light bleeding is a challenge, or where component height restrictions is an issue. Applications include, but not limited to, EV (Electric Vehicle) charging units/couplers, medical and healthcare devices, enterprise solutions, and robotics/IoT devices.

Part No.Package SizeColorLensWavelengthOptical DataViewing AngleSpec3D Drawings
XZDGK55W-3RT3.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Dome Lens Reverse-Mount SMD LED)GreenWater Clear515nm13002090If=20mA35°
XZM2CRK55W-3RT3.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Dome Lens Reverse-Mount SMD LED)RedWater Clear640nm16002490If=20mA40°
XZMDK55W-3RT3.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Dome Lens Reverse-Mount SMD LED)RedWater Clear645nm300795If=20mA40°
XZMYK55W-3RT3.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Dome Lens Reverse-Mount SMD LED)YellowWater Clear590nm700795If=20mA35°
XZVG55W-3RT3.2x1.6x1.8mm (1206 Dome Lens Reverse-Mount SMD LED)GreenWater Clear574nm120297If=20mA35°