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April 2017 – PX Series – Pulse Oximetry LEDs  
SunLED's PX Series is available in various compact packages which are ideal for any medical or wearable device. This series comes in both single and dual wavelength package configurations. A variety of viewing angles are available to further provide design flexibility. Specific wavelengths of λP=660nm & 940nm with narrow spectral bandwidths provide the perfect LED solution for pulse oximetry applications click here

February 2017 – XZM2DGxxW HRS Series – Heart Rate Sensor LEDs  
Optoelectronic components have been evolving in application usages ever since its inception. What started out as simple indicator lights for ON/OFF purposes eventually expanded to LEDs being used aesthetically, enhancing the product in ways beyond indication. SunLED has proudly been a leading manufacturer in each of these turning points in opto technology. Lighting the way towards the next chapter in LED evolution, SunLED introduces the HRS Series - Heart Rate Sensor LEDs. click here

September 2016 - XZxxxx55W-8 – 1206 Bi-Color SMD LED in Ultra-Bright Colors  
SunLED is excited to release a series that redefines high intensity, low current LEDs. Designed and built to meet and exceed the most demanding visibility requirements, the XZxxxx55W-8 series outshines nearly all other LEDs. Developed from a combination of AlInGaP and InGaN dies, this series ensures a long and robust lifespan while outputting a brilliant array of colors. click here

July 2016 – SunLED Enters Distribution Agreement with Schuster Electronics, Inc.  
SunLED is pleased to announce to have entered a distribution agreement with Schuster Electronics, Inc. click here

March 2016 – Electronic Distribution Show 
EDS 2016 will take place during May 10th to 13th at The Mirage in Las Vegas where SunLED will be meeting with key Distributors and engaging with various sales channels to discuss the latest LED trends/industries. At the event we will be sharing some of SunLED’s newest LED technologies click here

March 2016 – NanoPoint-0201 – World’s Smallest SMD LED  
With a footprint of 0.65mm x 0.35mm at a mere 0.20mm height, this new LED offers over 50% size reduction compared to an 0402, shattering all restraints tying down product designs. A full spectrum of colors is readily available providing a brilliant output for the miniscule size of the LED, making this product a versatile solution for any design. click here

January 2016 – XZxx55W-A2RT – 1206 Reverse Mount with Inner Dome Lens  
Designed as a next generation alternative to traditional subminiature type LEDs, SunLED’s XZxx55W-A2RT reverse-mount LED series eliminates the typical Yoke Lead or Z-Bend leads to provide engineers with a true chip type Surface Mount LED. This ensures a seamless production by alleviating any potential reflow issues inherently present in subminiature type LEDs where the leads may lift and solder unevenly. click here

May 2015 – VersoLEDs – Versatile LED Solutions  
SunLED is introducing a series of series that breaks away from application defined limitations. The VersoLEDs is a group of LEDs in different packages, both through-hole and surface mount, that can be used in all industry applications where a high brightness, outdoor or distance visible indicator is required. click here

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